Tell a Friend!

Here’s how it works:

1) You need to register on the GroomTech website. Click on the ‘Sign Up for Specials’ button and enter all of the requested information.

2) Tell your friends about GroomTech. Have them click on the ‘Sign Up for Specials’ button and register their information on the GroomTech website.

3) When they place their on-line or phone order of $39 or more, excluding tax and shipping, have them enter or mention the promo code ‘PETS’. Once they do this, it will automatically be credited to you as a referral!

4) When the referral is verified, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Card that you can use for ANY products or services that GroomTech offers.

5) Your friend cannot be a current customer of GroomTech. Your friend also needs to fill in ALL of the requested information when registering on the GroomTech website. And your friend needs to mention the offer code ‘PETS’ when placing a qualified order.

 IT’S EASY! You’ll receive a $10 GroomTech Gift Card for EVERY verified referral. It’s our way of saying:


And remember, we’ll e-mail a coupon worth $5 off when you like us on Facebook.*

*Limit one coupon per customer. By participating you acknowledge ownership of the Facebook account.


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